Player-positive monetization: vanity items

We continue our series of posts about player-positive monetization. The idea behind it is that the monetization mechanics enhance the gameplay in some way or don't affect it at all. Stick to those if you want a loyal community that is happy to spend their hard-earned cash in your game.

Let's look at the second player-positive monetization mechanic — Vanity Items.

Those are cosmetic items like skins that change the appearance of the game characters but don't affect the gameplay. Alternatively, those could be voices, emotes or other special effects.

Cosmetics are great to satisfy the player's urge for self-expression without messing with the game's overall balance. They should look cool enough to incite envy and act as a status symbol, but don't go overboard. If you make the skins too flashy, they could annoy some players or even disturb the gameplay.

Done the right way, vanity items might become the staple of your monetization strategy and a delight for the gamer community.

Need help accepting payments for your cosmetics?

Reach out to 1D3 Digitech:

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