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1D3 is a digital distribution platform, providing video game developers, publishers and other digital goods businesses with a range of promotional opportunities.

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Work on your game! We’ll do the rest!

Offload digital distribution, payments, taxes, fraud management and marketing to a team of professionals. Stay focused on game development and let us guide you through your global expansion.

About company


We believe in fair pricing. Giving away 30% of your revenue to the publishing platform doesn’t seem fair. Moreover, it is not the only way to go!

This is why we offer alternatives and only charge a humble 3% distribution fee.

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Videogame distribution cost calculator

Enter your expected monthly turnover

Total VAT (19%*), distribution and processing fees

Save 66%
App stores
Other merchants of record

* Example tax rate. VAT rate of end-user resident country applies.

A full set of features to help you monetize


Let your users pay the way they want. Use a single checkout for over 150 countries. We have a payment method for every audience.

Avoid high platform fees

Build additional income streams free from 30% commissions. All we charge is a 3% distribution fee.

Stay on top of your taxes

Let us handle your VAT/GST payments across the globe. Our tax management system automatically calculates and pays VAT/GST for every country.


Our risk management system is based on automated risk scoring.

Make wise decisions

Use the analytics module to study payment behaviours, detect trends and build reports.

Start fast, grow big

Quick and easy integration. Mobile SDK for inapp
payments. Custom WebStore for
alternative distribution.

Java and PythonPHP and GOJavaScriptCode terminal

Why developers choose 1D3?

Fair commission rate, simple integration and solutions that help to earn up to 27% more from your sales. How do you start?

  • Submit your application and sign the agreement.
  • Go through straightforward API integration and access all the tools and services.
  • Play around in the test environment and go live once you are ready.
  • Get paid. All the sales are processed under clear conditions and at competitive rates.

Go global, go with 1D3

All-in-one distribution platform

By just single integration with 1D3 you will have access to all our features and payment solutions.

Fast onboarding with no borders

No matter where you are incorporated, you can still enjoy 1D3's products and services. Take over the world with us. Our onboarding policy is easy to understand and follow.

Reliable products and services

Our products are specifically made to empower your business and open new opportunities. Find out more here.

Wide range of monetization tools

We accept the most demanded payment options worldwide, paying utmost attention to the currency conversion rate, so you are sure the user's payment will reach you.

Global compliance

Do not waste time analyzing the markets and license requirements. We are aware of local requirements in various regions. Just let us know your target regions and we will provide all the necessary information.

Promotion & marketing

Attract new audiences, and build new income streams with our marketing and distribution solutions.

Ready to start?
Boost your business with us!

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