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Look no further! You have found the perfect payment solution for your video game. Complete a quick and easy integration and let us accept payments on your behalf from every corner of the world and every payment method — all of that for a fair distribution fee of 3%.

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The gaming industry is evolving, and new opportunities for videogame monetization are opening up. Whether you are a half-time indie developer or a free-to-play publishing giant, we are here to help you build new revenue streams and get the most out of your video games.

3% — one of the best fees on the market

You don’t have to give away 30% of your game's revenue to the platforms. Get a full set of tools for global monetization at a fair commission of 3%.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

Accept payments from all major card brands in any currency. Our flawless gaming payment system is designed specifically for the industry, so you don’t have to worry about downtimes or slow processing.

Local Payment Methods

Let the gamers pay the way they want! With a wide range of local payment methods, your worlwide expansion will feel like a breeze, while your fans will get a seamless payment experience wherever they are.

Open Banking

Add an option to pay by bank for gamers in Europe and the UK. This payment method brings in strong customer authentication and eliminates chargebacks.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Do not miss out on the world's most popular mobile wallets. With over 300 million users worldwide, those payment methods are a must-have for your monetization strategy.

Merchant of Record

With 1D3, you don’t have to set up a legal entity in every country of operation. Acting as a merchant of record, we will assume responsibility for every transaction and take care of local compliance, sales tax, fraud and chargebacks, so you can fast-forward global expansion while staying focused on your games.


We've got you covered if subscriptions are a part of your monetization strategy. Let the gamers enter the details once and get paid on a prearranged schedule. Works great for MMORPG’s.

One-click payments

Do not make your fans enter payment details for every purchase. Increase your conversion rate by making in-game payments as seamless and intuitive as it gets.

Mobile SDK

Accept in-game payments natively from your app without paying 30% commissions to platforms or redirecting your customers to an external web page.

24/7 Support

Ease the life of your support team! We will handle all the payment-related inquiries from your customers.

Expert advice

Working with us, you will get a dedicated Account Manager who will guide you through every step from integration to global expansion.

4 easy steps to successful collaboration


Sign distribution agreement

Submit an application form and receive a confirmation to begin integration. Sign a distribution agreement to empower 1D3 accepting payments on your behalf.


Integrate with 1D3 distribution platform

Our single API grants you the opportunity to easily integrate 1D3 tools and services. You will get access to an individual test environment to test various settings and get familiar with our interfaces. Once you feel confident, we switch you to live mode.


Choose monetization and promotional tools

Manage the available payment methods the way you want at any time


Get paid on fair and transparent conditions

One flat fee for all the products and services. No hidden commission. Get your payments processed at clear conditions and competitive rates.

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