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Sell games, in-game items or currency straight to your customers and save up to 27% on platform fees — a must-have tool for game developers looking to boost revenue.

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Sell straight to your players

Build your own WebStore and dodge high platform fees

Make your players feel at home with seamless shop design

Sell subscriptions, items, currency and loot boxes or create custom bundles

Motivate gamers with special offers

  • Incentivize with discounts, bundles, promo codes and more
  • Create momentum with limited-time offers
  • Tailor your special offers based on interests and purchasing habits
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Boost conversion with smart targeting

  • Group your customers into segments and offer custom deals for each segment
  • Create a special offer to incentivize the first-time payment and follow up with upsales

Analyze and adapt on the fly

  • Follow your product performance in real time
  • Modify your offering according to real-time data whenever you want
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4 easy steps to successful collaboration


Sign distribution agreement

Submit an application form and receive a confirmation to begin integration. Sign a distribution agreement to empower 1D3 accepting payments on your behalf.


Integrate with 1D3 distribution platform

Our single API grants you the opportunity to easily integrate 1D3 tools and services. You will get access to an individual test environment to test various settings and get familiar with our interfaces. Once you feel confident, we switch you to live mode.


Choose monetization and promotional tools

Manage the available payment methods the way you want at any time


Get paid on fair and transparent conditions

One flat fee for all the products and services. No hidden commission. Get your payments processed at clear conditions and competitive rates.

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