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How 1D3 works?

1D3 works as Merchant of Record & Seller of Record to distribute media content worldwide. By means of distribution agreement, 1D3 provides all the necessary tools to monetize your project and increase your customer base. At the same time, you get instant access to our powerful analytical and promotional toolkit.

Which payment methods are available for 1D3 users?

We are providing global payment solution coverage and with 1D3 end-users can choose among such popular payment methods like cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, banking, various e-wallets, vouchers and more. To get more information on the options supported, please fill up the form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Where can I find integration manuals for developers?

Once we receive your application, you will be assigned an account manager, who will provide your all the necessary information and guide your through our simple onboarding process.

How fast can I integrate my project with 1D3?

Usually, the integration process (including testing) takes a couple business days, however, this could differ depending on your skills and how many 1D3 services will be integrated. To simplify the process, we advise to use our software development kits (SDK). Please note that we provide full assistance with the integration process at all stages of our collaboration.

Why the operation is rejected?

You can see the rejection reasons:

  • In a callback - through a response code and a message which are passed.
  • In a Dashboard – by reviewing details of a separate operation. In which currencies can I receive funds to the bank account?

How to distribute via 1D3?

If you like to promote your electronic goods via our distribution platform, please contact us by filling up an online form or sending an email to

How can I integrate your Checkout Page in my project?

The integration process with 1D3 is one of the easiest you can find on the market. Choose the most suitable option for you. Use SDK for mobile APP integrations or Checkout Page integration for web developments.

Should I pay any sales taxes?

Digital goods are subject to VAT/GST/Sales tax in numerous countries across the globe. As a Merchant of Record and Seller of record 1D3 takes care of all legal issues related to sales tax payments.

Where I can check if an operation is successful or not?

1D3 supports API based communication between developers and its systems, which provides instant responses with operation status and other relevant information. Additionally, you can use 1D3 Dashboard to check information on operations information at your convenience.

In which currencies can I receive funds to the bank account?

The vast majority of 1D3 settlements are executed in EUR and USD, however, they can be adjusted to your needs, which shall be discussed with your account manager during onboarding process.

Couldn’t find the answer?

If you couldn`t find the answer you`ve been looking for, please contact us via the following form.

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