Risk management system

Protect your game from payment fraud and chargebacks with a customisable automated anti-fraud solution. Over 97% fraud detection rate across all the payment methods.

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Key features


1D3 risk management system utilizes artificial intelligence to assess incoming transactions and block fraudulent activity.


Tailor the fraud detection rules to match the profile of your game and ensure the best success rate possible.  

Full responsibility

As a merchant of record 1D3, assumes full financial and legal responsibility for every transaction.

Dispute handling

We will deal with all the disputes and offload communication with the payment systems from your team.

24/7 support

1D3 support team is ready to help the developers and gamers with all the payment issues, including fraud.


Our risk management system covers all the markets and payment methods we are working with and adopts to regional security standards like 3DS and AVS.   

How it works



1D3 team configures fraud filters based on the specifics of your game and the target markets. The risk management system scans the transactions and blocks fraudulent activity.



The AI-based filter algorithms are backed by a team of experts inspecting suspicious incidents and unfamiliar fraud attempts.


Chargeback management

We manage all the disputes keeping the chargeback rate from exceeding the acceptable thresholds and eliminating the risk of sanctions and fines from payment systems.

4 easy steps to successful collaboration


Sign distribution agreement

Submit an application form and receive a confirmation to begin integration. Sign a distribution agreement to empower 1D3 accepting payments on your behalf.


Integrate with 1D3 distribution platform

Our single API grants you the opportunity to easily integrate 1D3 tools and services. You will get access to an individual test environment to test various settings and get familiar with our interfaces. Once you feel confident, we switch you to live mode.


Choose monetization and promotional tools

Manage the available payment methods the way you want at any time


Get paid on fair and transparent conditions

One flat fee for all the products and services. No hidden commission. Get your payments processed at clear conditions and competitive rates.

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