1D3 Digitech partners with Adikteev

1D3 Digitech has partnered with app re-engagement platform Adikteev. This partnership will allow developers to seamlessly retarget users to 1D3 WebStore, bridging the gap for marketers looking to get users to convert to their online store and avoid high App Store transaction fees. 

In other words, Adikteev has the technology to bring your users to the webstore, while 1D3 provides the store itself – as a result, you save up to 27% on payment commissions, compared to selling within native app stores. 

How Adikteev redirects users to webstores? 

The process begins with Adikteev analyzing the app's audience, segmenting users into cohorts based on their behaviour. These cohorts are then targeted with personalized creatives through the Adikteev DSP, which retargets users in publisher apps, guiding them to the payment webpage. The seamless user journey is achieved thanks to the auto-login feature, eliminating the requirement to create an account.

In the final step, users conveniently complete their purchases in the online shop, and their purchases instantly appear in the app.

How to build your own webstore with 1D3?

When it comes to webstores, 1D3 got you covered. Our platform offers a wide range of customizable templates and intuitive drag-and-drop features, enabling developers to design visually appealing and responsive online shops that cater to their unique brand identity. 

Additionally, 1D3 Digitech provides seamless integration with a payment gateway, ensuring secure and efficient transactions that do not munch away 30% of your income. With robust analytics and inventory management tools, developers can effortlessly track sales and manage their offerings on the fly. You do not need any web development skills to begin, just contact 1D3 Digitech and start saving now. 

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