Monetize without being evil: Entry Fee Events

Let’s look at another player-positive videogame monetization mechanic - Entry Fee Events.

You can offer your players to participate in an event for a certain fee. Those events should provide novel ways to experience the game, giving a twist to the gameplay. For example, it could be 2v2 mode in a 1v1 game. Here are some tips for making entry fee events your community will actually enjoy:

  • Offer novel, exciting ways to play;
  • Make the rewards exclusive;
  • The reward floor should exceed the entry fee;
  • Make the events regular but available for a limited time;
  • Provide a worthwhile amount of playtime.

Done in the right way, those events can create a strong sense of community and renewed interest over time as lots of players will be motivated to return and try novel ways to play.

Need help accepting payments for your in-game events? Get in touch with 1D3.

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