Monetize without being evil: transaction fees

We continue to explore player-positive monetization mechanics. Or, simply, ways to profit from a game without generating hate from the community. 

Today's topic: transaction fees. You can create a marketplace for players to trade in-game commodities or user-generated content like skins and mods and charge a small fee for every transaction. Here are some tips for doing it right:

  • User-generated content should provide value for players;
  • Items sold shouldn't be able to break or influence the core gameplay;
  • Pay-to-win items should be avoided at all costs;
  • Do not charge a fee for listing items;
  • The whole process should be perceived as beneficial for content creators. 

Although sometimes tricky to implement (we all remember the Diablo 3 auction house), a functioning marketplace can become a staple in your monetization strategy and incentivize the community to create outstanding content for your game. 

Need help processing those transaction fees? Get in touch with 1D3!

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