Brand guidelines


Our logotype exists in two color variations: white logo and black logo.

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Mono color logo

Sometimes, often due to production costs, only one color of Ink is available and so the 1D3 logo must be reproduced using only one color. In this scenario, the logo, logotype, or symbol must be used following the convention of using a light color type on a dark background or in a dark color type on a light background.

Safe space

A safety area around the logo ensures visibility and impact. The minimum safe space of the logo is the third ot its height.


Using the logo in small sizes, its legibility and clarity must be preserved. In print and digital materials, the dimensions should be as small as is allowed.

In print works, the minimum recommended size of the logo is 10mm high.

In digital media, the minimum recommended size of the logo is 40px high.


Awareness of 1D3 must be built continuously, therefore we strictly adhere to set visual identity principles.

We don’t replicate or transform the word mark!

We don’t change proportions, compressing or stretching the logo!

We don’t rotating or angling the logo!

We don’t add stroke to the logo.

We don’t change colors of the logo!

We don’t use a grayscale version of the logo.

We don’t use the logo with the white word mark set against a distinctly light image.

We don’t use logo with black word mark on a distinctly speckled or bright part of the image.

We don’t use the full colour logo against a background colour that makes it difficult to read the logo.

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