Monetize without being evil: gameplay-related toys

We continue to explore videogame monetization options that gamers actually like. 

Today we’ll have a look at something different – gameplay-related physical goods. The best example are Amiibo figurines by Nintendo. You sell collectable figurines (or other toys) that can be scanned to provide a bonus or some sort of valuable item in-game. Here are a few tips for doing it right:

  • The game itself should feel good without the toys, this is a purely supplementary mechanic;
  • The toys should look and feel good enough to become desired, collectable items even without the gameplay bonuses;
  • The gamers should be able to experiment with the bonuses by mixing and matching different toys.

Who knows, maybe your figurines will get a cult following and even create a new collectable market niche. 

Toys are well and good, but you still need to sell the game, aren’t you?

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