Monetize without being evil: loot boxes?

Today’s monetization mechanic is a bit controversial. Loot boxes are not the thing core gamers love. Moreover, entire country governments are imposing regulations on this mechanic due to its addictive nature.

At the same time, millions of people enjoy games with loot boxes and have nothing against them. We think it is possible to make loot boxes less predatory and more fun by following a few best practices:

  • Always check whether your intended market governments are regulating this mechanic;
  • Always add an option to earn a good amount of loot boxes by playing the game itself;
  • Present a clear picture of the minimum and maximum value the loot box provides;
  • Make sure there are plenty of different loot types;
  • Offer a way to deal with loot duplicates;
  • Make sure loot provides new ways to play the game, not better ways;
  • Avoid pay to win at all costs.

If you follow the rules and regulations, loot boxes can become the most efficient way to monetize and retain more players in your game. 

Do you need help with legal compliance and accepting payments for your player-positive loot boxes?

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