Monetize without being evil: Opt-in ads

We continue our series of posts about player-positive videogame monetization mechanics. Today we will look at another form of ad monetization – Opt-in ads.

This one is similar to the ad skips we already told you about. While ad skips offer an opportunity to pay and disable ads, opt-in ads provide an option to view ads in exchange for consumables or a portion of in-game currency. Here are some tips for implementing opt-in ads in your game:

  • Show ads that are relevant to your players;
  • Add a cooldown period;
  • The rewards should be good enough for the invested time;
  • Do not disrupt the gameplay

This mechanic can bring your game an additional income stream from advertising networks without irritating the community.

Need some help with monetization, global distribution or payments? Get in touch with 1D3.

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