Monetize without being evil: subscriptions

Today we’ll discuss a quite common monetization mechanic – subscriptions. In general, there are two types of subscriptions in video games. The first grants access to the game (quite popular with MMORPGS), and the second offers some sort of premium experience in a free-to-play game. 

Both are great for monetizing multiplayer games with a long life cycle. Here are a few best practices to make your subscription more player-positive:

  • Avoid adding too much grind to prolong the playtime;
  • Regularly offer new content to keep gamers interested;
  • Provide enough high-level content for players who have mastered the game already;
  • Stay connected with the community;
  • Constantly improve the game as a platform to avoid being left behind by the competition.
1D3 has all the tools you need to accept and manage your subscription payments.
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