Player-positive monetization mechanic — gifting

Let’s have a look at another player-positive monetization mechanic — gifting.

This one is considered one of the most underused in modern games. However, if done correctly, gifts can become a great addition to your monetization strategy that bonds the community together and brings joy to the giver and the person receiving the gift. Here are some tips for making a good gifting system in your game:

  • Pair gifts with personalization
  • Introduce thanking and gift announcement systems
  • Make sure the gifter also receives something
  • Gifts shouldn’t bother the core gameplay and the economy of the game
  • Players shouldn’t be able to use gifts for harassment.

Bring some joy and altruism to your gamer community and introduce a gifting system. And don’t hesitate to get in touch with 1D3 Digitech if you need help with accepting payments for gifts:

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